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No one is born happy

No one is born happy but everyone is born with ability to create happiness




So make every one Happy by the Flashes of your Sweet behavior and Smile!

Sab kehtey hain

sAb kHTy hEIn,

“aKeLy aAy tHy, aKeLy jAEin gAy”

pR sACh Ye hAy,

2 LOgO k bINa kOii aTA nHii,

oR 4 LOgO K bINa kOii jATa nHiii..

Ziñdägi K 3 Äjeeb Level

!.~.Ziñdägi K 3 Äjeeb Level:

Colläge Life

Wäqt Hy Dost Hy
Päisä ñähi Häi

Office Life

Dost Hy Päisä Hy
Wäqt ñähi Hy

Old Life
Wäqt Hy Päisä Hy
Wo Dost ñähi Hy

We Make 100 Mistakes daily

We Make 100 Mistakes daily,
But We don’t Hate ourself,

Our Friend Make Just 1 Mistake &
We Hate him in 1 Second.
Try to Change this Attitude.
(Good Morning)

Time does’nt wait for you or me

Def. Of “Nothing”:
Time does’nt w8 4 u or me,

days pass & xears change,
U miss ur loved ones,

u move away from ur close ones,ur life change,

frnds change,people change but ur heart has

those precious moments engraved in it whether u want it or not.

They r always there,

making u happy at sad time & sad at happy time.

U think about those happy days & then smile &

when somebody asks the reason 4 ur smile,u just say

Time Friends & Relations

“Time, Friends & Relations”

These 3 things do not come with a price tag..

But when we lose them,
we realize the cost.

Meri Dua Tere Naam

^*^ ‘  ‘ ^*^
Meri Dua
Tere Naam
^*^ ‘  ‘ ^*^

‘Ye jo ham me tum me hai rabta

‘Khuda kare ye sada rahe

‘Ye charagh hai to jala rahe

‘Ye phool hai to khila rahe

‘Tu jahan rahe sukhi rahe

‘Tere sath meri dua rahe

Tu dua kare to qabol ho

Jo wafa kare to wsol ho

Koi gham na tere qareeb ho

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