Heart to heart talks

Heart to heart talks…..

Whispring those sweet nothing…..

And your smile that say…

You love me

Sweet heart I am so happy,

We found each other…

Happy Valentine


Love is like a cloud

Love is like a cloud….
Love is like a dream….

Love is 1 word and everything is between….

Love is a fairytail come true….

Coz I find love when I found you

I LUV U…***

On this valentine

On this valentine I admit that

Its your sight which make me nervous,

Its your voice which make me shivers,

Itd your presence which tinkels my bones,

Its your eyes those are killing me,

Its you for which my heart goed restless….


On this valentine day I admit


I couldn’t imaginespending

I couldn’t imaginespending

my life with anyone but you.

You ARE my life.

Happy Valentine day:-*

Roses are red

Roses are red

violets are blue

Your home is blesded

because of


When something really good

When something really good happens,

You’re one I want to share it with

In times of trouble,

You’re the only one who understand me,

When I laugh,

You are the one I want to share the joy with,

When I cry,

You are the one who make the tears disappear,

Thank you for being there and for loving me..

You are truely special my love.


Love me in the spring time


Love me in the spring time, when all is green and new,

Love me in the summer , when the sky is oh so blue,

Love me in the autumn , when the leaves are running brown,

Love me in the winter, when the snow is falling down,

Love me when i’m happy,and even when i’m sad

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