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This calculation will tell u about

This calculation will tell u about ur favourite Person.

Sath sath solve karna…

Pick 1 favourite no.
Then multiply by 3 &
Or phr us me  + 3kro
& then multiply by 3 again.
Now u will get a 2 digit number.
ek digit ko dusray digit main jma karo & that will be ur favourite person.
1. Mother
2. Father
3. Fiounci
4. Sister
5. Your self
6. Cousin
8. Teacher
10. Husband

strange bt true!;) haha 😛

Two fundamentals of cool life

Two fundamentals of cool life;

Walk like you are the king,


walk like you don’t care,

who is the king!!:)

I am nt a palmist to tell u where

“I am nt a palmist to tell u where ur paths will lead u.

I am nt an astrologist to tell u abt ur stars, which will b lucky enough 4 u..

I am nt even powerful enough to give u all, what u want…
I can make a pray 4u..

A simple pray that..
May ALLAH lead u 2 the best path..
May ALLAH bless u wid the luckiest stars..

May ALLAH guide u, protect u, n help u through every way of life
May ALLAH gives u all 4 which u desire…. Ameen

When bird is alive it eats Ants

When bird is alive, it eats Ants. When bird is dead, Ants eat bird.”
So, Time can turn at any time, Don’t devalue anyone in life.
YOU may be powerful But time is more powerful than you.

“One tree makes one lac match sticks, but one match stick can burn one lac trees”.

MORAL: One negative thought can burn all positive thoughts.

Aulaad K Liye Waldain Ka Pegam

Aulaad K Liye Waldain Ka Pegam.

> Jis din Tum Hmen Boorha dekho, Sabr krna or hmen smjne ki koshish krna,

> Jb Hum koi Baat Bhol jain to Hum pr Tanz na krna or Apna Bachpan Yaad krna,

> Jb Hum Boorhe ho kr Chal na payen to Hmara Sahara Ban’na or Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad krna,

> Jb Hum Beemar ho jain to wo Din Yaad kr k Hum pr Apne Paisey Kharch krna jb Hum Tumhari Khuwahishen Pori krne k liye Apni Khuwahishen Qurban krte the.
Plz forward 2
All youngstrz

Time does’nt wait for you or me

Def. Of “Nothing”:
Time does’nt w8 4 u or me,

days pass & xears change,
U miss ur loved ones,

u move away from ur close ones,ur life change,

frnds change,people change but ur heart has

those precious moments engraved in it whether u want it or not.

They r always there,

making u happy at sad time & sad at happy time.

U think about those happy days & then smile &

when somebody asks the reason 4 ur smile,u just say

death iz easy

Hassan say’s
death iz easy. .peaceful. .
lyf is hardr, . ‘ painful. .
Gud 9?8

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