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You can’t add more milk

You can’t add more milk in a glass full of milk
You can add Sugar in it;
This proves
sweet peopl can make their space in an already filled heart

May be i m not fine

No one is mine

May be i m not fine,

No one cares 4me

No one has tears 4me,

No one belives me

Everyone says leave me,

if i ever cry

No one even asks why?

and if i ever die

No one will cry,

No one says take care

Everyone says i dont care,

When i need someone 4my self

i find no one 4help,

i dont know why?

May be talking to me they feel shy..!!

No one is mine

May be i m not fine…!!

SUCCESS Never Depends On The

“SUCCESS” Never Depends On The Size Of Our “BRAIN”…

It Always Depends On The Size Of Our “THOUGHTS”…

Wake Up With “AIM” And Then Try To “ACHIEVE” It …

Almost All Times

Almost All Times,

People Don’t Notice What We Do For Them,

Until We Stop Doing It & Later They Will Say

“You’ve Change”

Mistakes are Painful

Mistakes are Painful When They Happen,

But A Few Years Later A Collection

Of Mistakes is Called Experience

Which Leads Us To Success.


Yeah I Made MISTAKES But…

LIFE Doesn’t Come With InstructionS.

Nature has given you a face

“Nature has given you a face.


you have to provide the expression.

Be careful !

ur Each Expression will leave an impression in others heart.


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